Feya Feya is what Zimbos Demand….

The Feya Feya Campaign is a campaign for free and fair elections to be held in Zimbabwe.

In a survey conducted from 17-30 May 2013, Zimbabweans were invited to articulate what they thought was required for peaceful, free and fair elections to be held when they responded to the question – Do We Need Free and Fair Elections in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabweans spoke for the need of security sector reforms that would ensure that security agencies conduct themselves in a professional and non-partisan manner:

Some of their responses were captured on the @feyaXfeya Twitter handle through the #ZimbosDemand hashtag.

To read more of these views follow the Feya Feya handle: @feyaXfeya and search the harshtag #ZimbosDemand. The Feya Feya campaign is an outlet for Zimbabwean views, Zimbabwean voices and Zimbabwean aspirations around the issue of free and fair elections in 2013.

Speak out. Speak up. Speak now. Feya Feya – just free and fair.


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