My hope for a Feya Feya Zimbabwe – Guest Blogger

So I decided to share my journal with my two year old son. I imagined it would help sharpen his creative and expressive prowess (fingers crossed).

At the end of the day I reluctantly ‘donated’ the journal to him because he appeared to have somehow convinced himself that it was his (so much for sharing). memory

So I found myself thinking that my son’s un-Feya Feya behaviour was pretty similar to what has been obtaining in our media, politics, social space and even our pockets.

Having recently caught the ‘Feya Feya fever’ that has gripped town (if you are not part of it Walala wasala – you’re getting left behind) campaigning for free and fair elections; I am somewhat obsessing over the notion of fairness.

Obsession being the key word.

Feya Feya is like a fever, a bug, highly contagious and is moving at a breakneck speed.

Feya Feya …. is a colloquial term for “Fair Fair”. The phrase is a corruption of the English term, meaning in accordance with the rules or standards; legitimate and just or appropriate in the circumstances.

The Feya Feya campaign is aimed at promoting peaceful, free and fair elections in Zimbabwe in which the will of the people is respected!

I bought into the Feya Feya campaign because it resonates with me. I believe that at its core, the Feya Feya campaign is about upholding the sanctity of the ballot and protecting the will of the people as expressed through the ballot.

I am taking part in the Feya Feya campaign because, like many Zimbabweans, I’m tired of being taken for granted and of the national stagnation.

For more than a decade we endured the fuel and bread queues and we helplessly watched our country’s fall from grace.

Over the years, some have sought refuge in neighbors’ homes, while others fell victim to political violence and a few remained hopeful that Zimbabwe shall rise from the ashes.

I want a Feya Feya election because I think it is fundamental to the fruition of my aspirations.

I want a Feya Feya Zimbabwe where my voice is heard and respected. I want to live in a Feya Feya Zimbabwe where my dissenting views are tolerated, listened to and respected.

I want a Feya Feya Zimbabwe where the pains of my labour shall bear fruits and where my effort is justly rewarded.

My heart aches for my disenfranchised relatives and friends who are in the Diaspora and who often echo the proverbial Shona sentiment, “Kusina amai hakuendwe” (loosely translated to mean that one’s home always best).

I am campaigning for a Feya Feya Zimbabwe where violence is shunned, criminalized and condemned in the strongest of terms…a Zimbabwe where electoral choices are made without fear of victimization or disfranchisement.

I envision a Feya Feya Zimbabwe whose representatives in Parliament, leaders in Government respect and adhere to the oath of office. Whose dedication is to take Zimbabwe to greater heights.

My Feya Feya Zimbabwe shall rise against the odds and reclaim its former glory.

Like a mother who nurtures and protects the fruits of her womb even in hardship, I remain hopeful for a Feya Feya Zimbabwe.


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