When media practitioners fan hate speech

This is the kind of un-feya feya journalism that Zimbabweans are fed up with. Thanks to Natasha Msonza for the #FeyaFeyaQuotableQuotes Blog – we wholeheartedly and unreservedly and categorically concur!

Let’s make it feya feya!


‘July 31: Who then has the last laugh’ reads Sunday Mail Assistant Editor, Munyaradzi Huni’s most recent offering in that paper. If you did not read it yourself, the article is nothing but a hate speech littered piece of writing full of cringe worthy labels and insulting epithets attached to different individuals, both real and imagined enemies of Zanu PF. Well, it’s hardly surprising, because many times Huni opens his mouth, or rather, puts pen to paper, his guts spill out. As an editor, we can be forgiven for expecting him to strive to uphold the ethics of objective criticism without resorting to insults. From the summary below, it’s hard to believe that at least two thirds of Huni’s article was dedicated to name-calling and denigration.


Whatever you make of this, some of my colleagues feel that a lot of the descriptions above though hard-hitting, are very apt. I just…

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One thought on “When media practitioners fan hate speech

  1. Zim state media journalists are politicians masquerading as journos. Like certain politicians, they dnt hav a mind of their own, their views and actions are remotely controlled by the never aging octogenarians who supply thm with their daily food. That people buy and even read these publications is mind boggling. I stopped following these lifeless statues back in 2002.

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