A Porridge Eating Competition.. (a bedtime story)

“WE need transparent polling and full citizen participation. Every Zimbabwean citizen should participate in the eating of the electoral porridge. For us to have Free and Fair elections, political parties should be allowed to operate and campaign freely and the judicial system should also operate with impartial and independent authority. The spoons are ready…let us eat to what fate we chose comrades…” – thanking Nomakhosazana Khanyile Ncube aka Zanakay for this creative analogy as we seek free and fair elections.


iNow children ,I am going to tell you a story about my village. I lived there with my grandmother when I was very young while my mother worked in the city as a house girl (that is what we call them here). I lived there when the skies were still cloudy with hope. In a way I still live there. There is a sincere innocent part of the soul/mind where one is always 7 years old.

In my village every year, the chief held a porridge eating competition. Only men participated in the porridge eating competition. I don’t know why women were not allowed to contest seeing as it is the women who farmed the maize ,pound the grain and cooked it into a tasty porridge. It is women who gave birth to the men that would later grow up to eat the porridge. If women could nurse the porridge…

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2 thoughts on “A Porridge Eating Competition.. (a bedtime story)

  1. I did not vote.The special vote started at 8.30 evening and ended that night. The next day,early morning I was told that the station had closed at 3 am morning.

    • #thatsnotfeyafeya at all! Where was this polling station and on which one night was the voting done?

      Thanks for informing us as we are also striving to document everything that is irregular about the process.

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