“If we cannot live as free men, we will die as free men” – Guest Blogger

Dear Zimbabwe, All Our People,

First, I would like to thank the prevalence of technology that enables us to speechify without standing on a podium which has allowed this speech to reach to you.

If there was a Zimbabwean dictionary of politics, we would add the new word Feya Feya.

The Kenyans have their own political jargon in vernacular. Wananchi means the broad citizenry. Uhuru means Freedom (All Swahili).

The South Africans have Asijiki, which we have borrowed here. Now Feya Feya means democracy plus equality generally.

It is democracy in our own language and lived experiences.

Feya Feya is an expression of our individual and collective longing for freedom and fairness

That is also the theme which runs throughout our new Constitution. Regardless of which province we come from we must see equal prosperity (devolution and equality of the provinces in oneness).

Regardless of our past we are all Zimbabweans now, black or white alike.

Regardless of our social standing we must see the same treatment before the law.

Regardless of which way we look at our national politics we must feel the same comfort to reveal our standing and have the same freedom of speech.

We must have a vote that weighs the same for each citizen. Regardless of where we come from we must be treated fairly at work throughout the country with particular attention to merit.

There should be no doubt both in our minds and in our actions that the natural resources both on and below our land belong to us all today.

I am glad to be a fighter for Feya Feya toward and beyond the 2013 elections.

Even the pre-Independence struggle was a struggle for Feya Feya. Feya Feya is not only a political principle; it is also a social and economic principle.

Borrowing from the most emotional statement from the Mgagao Declaration of our true freedom fighters in Tanzania, in December 1975, indeed, some of whom did not live to see the betrayal and new oppression:

if we cannot live as FREE men, we will die as FREE men.

Today, we accept that we are all equal Zimbabweans.

Indeed, Feya Feya is what we should have lived from day one of our independence on 18 April, 1980. Feya Feya has been delayed, but cannot be denied.

The slogan is forever that: Feya Feya In Our Lifetime! Pamberi ne Feya Feya! Mayibuye iFeya Feya! iFeya Feya Namhlanje!

Sincerely in Support of the National Program of Feya Feya,

Yours Comradely,

Vivid Gwede


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